Are You Fed Up With A Pool That Feels Like A Warm Bath?

Are You Fed Up With A Pool 

That Feels Like A Warm Bath?

Proven Heat

Blocking Technology

Aluminum Is The Ultimate Heat Blocker. It Blocks The Sun's Heat From Your Pool.

 Prevents Heat From Warming Your Pool

Double-sided radiant barrier foil blocks 97% of the Sun's radiant heat.

 Save Money On Chemicals

By blocking the sun you are preventing it from burning off your chemicals and slow down algae growth.

Made By Pool Owners

For Pool Owners

This Isn't Another Cheap Pool Product. We Wanted Something That Would Last.
Only Need A Few

At over 4 feet wide each you don't need many to cover most of your pool


Made of high quality UV resistant vinyl that lasts multiple seasons.

Not Another Cheap Valve

It's a snap to inflate and deflate.

Stay In The Pool

The weight and flat center make them "stick" to the water.

​​Easy Storage

Just deflate and fold up.

Does This Sound Like Your Pool?

  • It gets full sun all day with no shade
  • It's not very deep, allowing the sun to warm it up quickly
  • It has a darker plaster that seems to soak up the sun's heat
  • ​You're constantly fighting algae during the summer months
  • ​You can't use your pool in the summer because it's not refreshing

My Pool Got To 101°!

I had just spent tens of thousands to build a pool

only to find out I can't use it during the summer.

As I stared at my pool-turned-hot tub all I could think was...

“Maybe I shouldn’t have built a pool.”

“I could have used that money to pay down debt.”

“I could have bought a car, heck two cars.”

“I could have taken multiple vacations to places with cool pools.”

I couldn't afford a Heat Pump (like a A/C unit for your pool) or a Chiller (like a big trashcan with a sprinkler and fan). Both work great but they cost thousands.

Aerators (simply a fountain) kind of worked, but the sun still warmed it up quickly during the day.

It seemed crazy to me that no affordable or simple solution existed for something SO basic as cooling a pool.

Then I had an idea...

What if there was something like a car shade for your pool?  Something that would float around the pool blocking the sun, but easy to take off when you want to swim.

I knew other pool owners were suffering from the same problems so I spent the next year and a half creating Lily Chillers.

Now I'm on a mission to show everyone there's a better way to keep your pool cool on those blazing hot summer days.

You And Your Family Deserve A Cooler Pool

You And Your Family Deserve A Cooler Pool

Imagine If You Could...

Keep your pool up to 10 degrees cooler simply by floating something in your pool.

Use 50% to 75% less chlorine during the summer months.

Not be constantly fighting algae. 

Be swimming in seconds by simply throwing them to the side

Have a cooler pool using no electricity or extra equipment.

Lily Chillers can do all of this for you!

See what other pool owners are saying about Lily Chillers!

They dropped our pool temp about 10 degrees from yesterday today. Lily Chillers are the bomb.”
Craig Lanning
I was skeptical at first, but they actually work!!”
Andrea Schwartz
We got our Lily Chillers last week 🙂 I’m excited to keep our pool at a cool temp this summer!” 
Mindi Sandberg
Lily Chiller Pads are a MUST! Fast service, great communication and answering all of my questions over the last few weeks before purchasing, I would totally 1000% recommend this to all of my friends and family!"
Ro Love

No One Likes Complicated

Lily Chiller Pads™ Are Simple To Use. 

In Just Three Steps You Are Cooling Your Pool.


Unfold and lay in the sun.

They need to soften.


Inflate the outer tube.


Throw them in your pool.

You're Cooling You Pool!

So Easy A Kid 

Can Do It!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will They Cool My Pool?

Lily Chillers don't actively cool your pool, just like a car shade doesn't actively cool your car. They slow it from warming up. If your pool only cools down to 87 at night, then Lily Chillers alone won't cool it below that temperature. They will keep it from getting much warmer than that though. Using aerators and fountains is a way to actively cool your pool down, and then use Lily Chillers to keep it cooler.

How Many Do I Need?

You generally want to cover 70% to 80% of your pool. The more you cover, the more heat is blocked, but I don't recommend covering your whole pool or heat might be trapped. There is a calculator on the order page that will suggest how many you need. Simply click on the "I'm Ready To Buy" button to be taken there.

What If They Don't Work For My Pool?

Not a problem. This is why I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like them for any reason simply return them within 30 days and I'll give you your money back. I want this to be risk free for you to try.

What Happens When It's Windy?

Lily Chillers are designed to stay in your pool. During high winds they might fold over or "taco" as I call it. A pool brush can be used to unfold them. It's possible that your pool gets too much wind causing them to constantly fold over. If that's the case you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.

Will They Block Or Get Stuck In My Skimmer?

Lily Chillers freely float around your pool. This allows debris on the surface of the water to float around and get caught in the skimmers. Lily Chillers are 4 feet wide which prevents them from getting stuck in a skimmer.

What If My Pool Only Gets Sun In One Area?

A pool safety rope that has floats on it can be used to keep the Lily Chillers in one area of your pool.

Do I Have To Take Them Out At Night?

This is optional. Taking your Lily Chillers off at night can allow extra heat to escape, making your pool cooler in the morning. I only do this when I know I'll be swimming the next day or if we're going to have an extra cool night.

When Will I Get Them?

Orders are usually shipped the next business day from our North Texas warehouse. Most orders are delivered within 1 to 5 days.

Do They Work? You Bet, And Here's Data

Real Data From Dark Bottom Full Sun Pool

 15 Pads Added On Day 1

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't like Lily Chillers™ for ANY reason, YOU PAY NOTHING! You can return the product at any time within 30 days of purchase and request a 100% money-back refund with absolutely no hassle. I WANT YOU TO BE COMPLETELY SATISFIED!

Order today because there is a

Limited Supply Left

I underestimated how popular Lily Chillers would be. I typically sell out fast.  When they're out it will be next summer before they're available again.  

Don't Miss Out!

You can have a cooler pool this summer and I want to help.

-John Smith

Pools Are Supposed To Be Refreshing

Now It's Simple

Pools Are Supposed To Be Refreshing

Now It's Simple

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This is not a flotation device.  All pools are different.  Results will vary by pool size, depth, color and amount of sun.
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